Sunday, February 15, 2009

Easy Money!

I learned about Swag Bucks through another blog I read about a month ago. Swag Bucks is a search engine that randomly awards what they call "Swag Bucks" as you search. It only takes 45 "Swag Bucks" to earn a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card. I've done a lot of survey sites and things in the past, but they typically take more time than they are worth. I love swag bucks because it doesn't take any extra time out of my day. I simply use this as my search engine rather than google on a daily basis and I am earning points as I go.

The best part of Swag Bucks is that it uses Google and for its results, so you know you're getting good results and getting free money at the same time.

Just click on the link below and you'll get 3 free swag bucks just for signing up!

Search & Win

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