Monday, February 23, 2009

Research Study

This is a packet I received in the mail on Friday. I have joined several online survey sites over the past few months and after completing a survey about 2 weeks ago I was selected to complete the second phase of the study. I can't tell you exactly what I am doing, but I can tell you that it takes minimal effort on my part and I can earn $70.00 in 2 weeks.

I was so excited to get my packet, it contained a palm to record information, a $10.00 Visa Check Card as an added bonus, Return Shipping Labels, and instructions.

I started my recording today! I am totally a marketing nerd, so I am eating this up!

If you are interested in earning money for taking online surveys, here are some of my favorites. I have never paid to join a survey site, I know there are lots out there that require memberships, but I have found that I get plenty of offers with the following sites.

Ipsos Survey

Dollar Surveys - Easily Earn $1.00/day. This gets put straight into your Pay Pal Account!

Send Earnings - My Favorite! I earn almost $0.12 a day just reading emails!

Zoom Panel

Lightspeed Panel - The one I got the above offer from.

Also, Don't forget to sign up for Swagbucks! It's another great way to earn easy money.

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