Monday, March 9, 2009

7 Steps to Saving Even More Money at Walmart

One of the best ways to save "a little more" at Walmart is to use Price Matching. I think this is often overlooked by most money saving blogs because in Major Markets there are several competing grocery stores that provide cheaper prices and double coupons making them a better choice for stock up trips.

In Northwest Arkansas I have found that the smaller grocery store chains often don't want to accept Internet coupons, and while they typically have a few loss leaders overall their prices on food are higher than Walmart.

Price Matching is a great way to take advantage of loss leader sales at local grocery stores and still be able to use those high value coupons from the Internet.

Here is how I utilize Store Ads at Walmart:

1) Get the Local Wednesday Paper so that you have a copy of the ad's

2) Go through the ad's and look for items that are on sale where you know you have seen coupons, or check this site for match ups. ** Remember that the item must be the SAME BRAND and SAME SIZE** So look for National Name Brand Items that are on sale

3) Make a list of items you would like to price match based on the Store's Ad

4) When Shopping I keep all of my price match items in the same area of my cart.

5) Go to the Checkout with Ad's in Hand. If I don't have my ad's in my hand I forget to use them.

6) Have the Cashier ring up your price match items first. I like to tell the cashier that I have price match items and typically all you have to do is show them the ad as they ring the items up, and they will price adjust it then.

**I like to do price match items first so that i can put my ad's up and get my coupons out. Also if they adjust at the beginning when they scan the item I haven't had trouble using coupons at the end on those same items**

7) Hand over all your coupons at the end of the transaction.

This is the smoothest way I have found to use Price Matching. It's quick and surprisingly painless. Plus it saves you the time of having to go to several little stores for 1 or 2 items and it gives you the added benefit of using those Internet coupons.

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  1. I am brand new to your site. I think I found it through Money Saving Mom but I also live here in Northwest Arkansas and I love this article. I definitly agree with you about Wal-Mart generally having the lowest prices in our area and I DO hate gping from store to store for just a couple of things. I am just so glad that I found your blog!