Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kmart Double Coupons 3/22-3/28

I just confirmed tonight that the Springdale, AR location is participating in the double coupon event next week. Sunday 3/22 - Saturday 3/28.

I talked to the Store Customer Service department and they said that they will double up to and including $2.00. The limit is 25 per person, per day.

I asked about Internet coupons and as of right now they are not accepting them, I am emailing corporate to find out and I will keep you updated. Also, check back for deal match ups to come!


  1. I looked at the circular and don't see any great deals other than Scott TP (with recent $1 off coupon, 24 pack will be $3.50.) I have so many free cleaners, shampoos, diapers and glade products from Walgreens that paying anything out of pocket for those aren't worth it. Am I missing any other good deals?

  2. Hey Alisha, I haven't looked for match ups yet. I agree that I get to a point that I don't even like to pay Tax on somethings, so I typically do exactly what you are doing and look for Food items or house hold items that I typically can't get for free and look for great deals.

    I know last time our Kmart had tons of clearance health and beauty stuff that I got for Free, I will try to post some match ups tomorrow or later tonight.

    Here's a great site to go look at current coupon match ups as well as prices. I must admit that I think our prices are even higher than the ones in the price book.

  3. I've been looking for deals on deodorant and body wash and am finding some good ones. I wonder if I can go in and grab the things I plan to buy and put them on layaway and then go back and buy them Sunday. Do you know if they allow this?