Friday, March 13, 2009

Make up to $11.00 - Glucerna Cereal

Ok, this deal just keeps getting better. Thanks to It's Hip to Save for the directions to the new coupon.

There is a new $10.00 off 2 Glucerna Cereal coupon out there. I had read about it, but I couldn't get to it, or get it to work. I just tried it and got the coupon to print twice.

Here are the directions:
Follow these instructions below exactly, let me repeat that, EXACTLY or you won't have access to the $10 coupon:

- Go here and click on Join Now in the upper right hand corner
- Enter your personal details-Make sure to type CATALINA in the promo code box
- Where it says "Are you ready to set up your Customized Meal & Exercise Plan?" be sure to - choose "Yes, I'll Set It Up Now"
- Click "Create Account"
- Enter details on this page and click on "Calculate Body Mass"
- Make sure to select "lose Weight" for the option and click "NEXT"
- Fill in the required details and click on 'FINISH"
- Click on "Return to your personalized home page."
- You should now see the $10 Glucerna coupon link.
- Click on the image and you can choose to print the coupon or have it emailed to you.
- Remember to press your browser back button to print a total of two coupons.

Walgreens sells the Glucerna Cereal for about $4.99 a box. The coupon will print for $10.00/2 Boxes of Bars, or Boxes of Cereal.

Here's the Deal:

Buy 2, get $2.50
Buy 3, get $4.50
Buy 4, get $7

If you can get 4 boxes of cereal in one transaction, use both $10.00/2 Coupons to get all 4 boxes for free. (*Note you will need some extra fillers to cover any overage) You will receive $7.00 in Register Rewards

So you have $7.00 to spend on anything that you need! This is a great way to get Laundry Detergent, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, etc. for Free :)

If you can only purchase 2 boxes (The coupon states 1 per transaction and some cashier's will enforce this) then you will make $2.50 per transaction. Do 2 Transactions to make $5.00

Ok, here's the next step. After you purchase your products. Send in for the Caregivers Marketplace (Details Here) You will get back an additional $1.00 per box.

.... SO..... Print 2 $10.00 off coupons and Get:

4 Boxes of Cereal

$5.00-$7.00 in Register Rewards

$4.00 Cash!!!

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