Sunday, March 22, 2009

Money Mondays

I am starting a new series this week called Money Mondays. This will be great tips I use for saving, great coupons, ways to make money online. Basically anything that helps you save a little or make a little. I really appreciate your comments, so let me know what you think about this new series.

One of the best ways I have found to make money online is to use online survey sites. Now I must admit I do not have the time to sit at my computer all day long and fill out surveys, but I do love having my inbox full of them so that I can choose the ones I want to complete. Also, since you don't always qualify for every survey you are sent it's nice to have options.

Here's my opinion on how to use surveys.

1) Set a long term goal
You are not going to make a lot of money really fast, but you can make a small amount of money consistently for a long period of time. So decide to save for a new pair of jeans, spending cash for a vacation, Christmas money, or a nice dinner with the family. It won't be long before you start earning money that you can redeem for gift cards, checks, or prizes and you will start to see the value of your investment.

2) Sign up for multiple programs
Each Survey site is unique and offers different rewards programs. Decide what fit's your needs/wants best and sign up for those programs. I personally love getting money transferred into my pay pal account so those tend to be the surveys that I complete on a regular basis.

Signing up for multiple survey sites allows you the opportunity to choose the highest paying surveys each day

3) Complete Screener Questions
Most survey sites will have several (non paying) surveys. These are screener questions and they help to increase the number of surveys you receive. I have also found they help save my time because I don't get invites to surveys that I don't qualify for.

4) Be Consistent
Like I said, 1 survey a day adds up. Typically these take anywhere from 10-20 minutes so find a time when you sit down to check your email that you can complete 1 survey. As I have gotten serious about taking surveys I have been surprised how fast the money accumulates.

Here are my favorite Sites:
Ipsos Survey - Tons of Gift Card Options
Dollar Surveys - Deposits straight to Pay Pal, no minimum
Lightspeed Panel - Earn Gift Cards or Pay Pal
Send Earnings - Get Paid to Read Emails
Opinion Outpost - Earn Great Gift Cards


  1. Have you heard of Have you tried them? I was looking over their website and they offer surveys, mystery shopping, and focus groups. They charge a memebership fee, and before I thought more about it, I wanted to see if you had an opinion. I'm new to all this and don't want to get suckered!

  2. To Be Honest, I do not ever pay to be a member of a survey site. All of the ones I list are completely FREE and I Get TONS of offers each week. So many that I haven't even had time to complete all of them. I get checks in the mail like twice a week from the Survey companys that I use so I would be careful paying for something like that.

    Just my Opinion, Be careful!

  3. Thanks for your comments. I'll think twice about it. In the meantime, I signed up for the ipsos and opinion outpost surveys. I'll start there for now.