Monday, March 2, 2009


WOW! I just won 3 swag bucks off one search! Have I mentioned how much I love this program? I have almost won $20.00 worth of gift cards in a little over a month. All I do is search at least once a day on both mine and my husbands account. I almost always win in the first 2-3 searches. I have found you don't typically win more than once on the same account during the same few hours so that's why I switch back and forth.

You can sign up for swagbucks too by clicking the link below. Rumor has it you get 3 swagbucks free if you sign up today.

Remember the key to swagbucks is to use it daily. Use the button below to sign up and I will earn every time you earn. :) Thanks in advance.

Search & Win

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