Tuesday, April 21, 2009

$10.00 Gift Card from All You Reality Check

If you are a member of All You's Reality Check you can make an easy $10.00.

You can sign up Here to become a member of Reality Check

You can also Sign up Here to receive a coupon for a free Marie Calendar's pasta dish once you are a Reality Check Member.

Here's How to get the Gift Card:

Step 1: Print out the survey: Here

Step 2: On Saturday, April 25th or Sunday, April 26th, attend one of the ALL YOU Reality Checked Sampling Booths in a Walmart store near you between 11:00am - 5:00pm.
Note: this program is located in participating Walmart locations only. Click Here to find Location Dates and Times

Step 3: Fill out your printed survey.

Step 4: On Sunday evening, April 26th, you will receive another email from ALL YOU magazine that will include a more detailed online survey.

Step 5: Fill out the online survey.

Step 6: Every 20th Reality Checker who attends the program and completely fills out the survey will receive a $10 gift card to a national retailer!*

Sounds Pretty Easy and you get Free Samples for attending the event! I haven't figured out where the gift cards are to yet, but Walmart would make sense wouldn't it???

Also don't forget to order 2 Yeas of All You Magazine for only $17.95!


  1. Heather, Thanks for the great tip I posted it this morning!


    How can you bring both surveys to the event though if the second survey is sent after the event takes place?

    Thanks again!

  2. Charlene,

    Thanks so much for the link back! I love those :)

    I think they want you to take the printed form with you to complete so you don't forget what you saw and did.

    The form says to use as a guide when completing the online survey.

    Remember you have to be a member of Reality Check to get the second survey emailed to you!

    Does that answer your question?