Monday, April 6, 2009

5 ways to make $5.00 Today!

Ok, here we go again. It's Monday and I always highlight some of my favorite ways to make money online on Mondays. :) Today I am going to tell you about a few companies that offer sign up bonuses, meaning you will start with money in your account. Sign up for all of them and you could earn as much as $25.00 in one day!

I have talked about Ebates before. You can read my long explanation here. All you do is click through from the ebates site to your favorite retailers and you earn a percentage of you purchase back in cash! There are over 1,000 retailers and it includes everything from, to Victoria's Secret, Toys R Us, and so many more!

Sign up for Ebates today and earn $5.00 instantly. Payout is at $5.01 so you only have to make one purchase through this site to receive your money! They pay quarterly and will send a check straight to your house!

Cashbaq is another program like Ebates. All you have to do is click through their site and you will earn money automatically on purchases you make online. I love having several options of sites to use because it let's me choose the highest payout from each store. Payout is at $10.00 and you can receive your payment by a Check mailed to your house, or by Paypal.

Mr. Rebates is another program like Ebates and Cashbaq. You can sign up and earn $5.00 credit just for registering your email address. Payout is at $10.00 so you will have to a little online shopping, but not much! Payout is via Paypal!!!

Survey Head is an online survey company that pays out at $25.00 via Pay Pal. Have I mentioned that I love the sites that pay via pay pal because I can purchase anything I want from them, or have the money deposited into my bank account. When you sign up today you are 1/5 of the way to a payout.

When I signed up I got 3 paid survey offers the first time. One for $2 and two for $1. I like that this company tells you your odds of being selected for the surveys before you start so you don't waste a lot of time doing screener questions. It also tells you the amount of time each survey should take to complete.


Send Earnings is one of my favorite Survey Programs. Actually I don't use it for Surveys very often. I mostly click on the emails they send me and I get paid just for reading them. It's so easy and I think the thing I like about it the most is it doesn't take much time at all. I get emails daily, so the money really adds up.

Payout is at like $30.00 so it's good to complete some of the offers. Of course I only do the ones that are free, but you can get $4.00 for registering with Snapfish online for FREE, and you can get $0.50 each from Mercury Magazines when you sign up for FREE, so it's super easy to make money with this site.

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