Thursday, April 2, 2009

Buzz Agent

Look what came in my mailbox the other day! I was so excited.
About 2 weeks ago I signed up with a company called BuzzAgent. They are a WOM (word of mouth) Marketing company. About a week after that I got invited to do my first campaign. Here's how it works.

They sent me a FREE Glade Sense and Spray, a book on how to Buzz the product, and a book of $4.00 off coupons that don't expire till August.

I had gotten a Sense and Spray at Walgreens the other day in the Apple Cinnamon scent (my favorite glade scent) and so I decided to gift my Sense and Spray to my Mother in Law. She has 5 boys and and she is always using stuff like this. She really liked it. I keep my sense and spray by my kitchen and every time I come in the house it goes off. I love how my house always smells great and I don't have to remember to spray anything.

If you like to test out new products and share them with friends then check out BuzzAgent. It's completely free and a great way to get in the know on new products. They have also done campaigns for Palmolive and some other great companies.

Here's the second thing I got in the mail:

Remember the Pace Pick & Win Contest I shared with you

Well, I won one day, but couldn't get my coupon to print (Smart Source coupons do not like me very much) so I called the company and they were extremely nice and said they would ship me a coupon for a free jar of pace.

Yesterday I got my coupon ($3.00 off any pace product) and I also got 2 more coupons for $1.00 off any Pace, Campbells, Swanson, V8, Prego, or Pepridge Farm Product. I know I can find some Campbells on sale for less than $1.00 so that's like 2 more free products!!!

If you want to play for your free coupon you can play at Pace Hand Pick and Win
Also, don't forget to sign up to win a free Colorado Vacation below:

The link to the Disney Earth is already gone!

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