Monday, April 20, 2009

Children's Place Clearance

Did you know that sells clothes fromThe Children's Place? Right now they are running some amazing deals on Children's Clothes. Thanks go out to ChaChingQueen for spotting these great deals! You can see all the great deals here there are over 800 to choose from!

Shipping is a flat $5.00, so the more you order, the less expensive the shipping is. Keep in mind some things are only in 1 or 2 sizes, so you can sort by size, or you may want to think about stocking up for some adorable shower gifts!

This faux-layered knit dress would make a great baby shower gift and is only $1.99!

These plaid cargo pants are only $1.99

This mini backpack is only $0.99, fill with school supplies for a great birthday gift!

This Green Baseball cap is only $0.19!!!!!

I am going to stock up on fall clothes for my son for next fall, what a great time to buy, just think of all the money I will save by having a closet full of clothes ready for him!

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