Monday, April 6, 2009

New Slim Fast Site


There is a great new website out there from Slim-Fast to help you manage and track your weight loss. This website is completely FREE and you can choose which programs you would like to use. There is some really great information on this website even if you don't plan on using the slim fast products. With Summer Coming I know we are all starting to think about getting back into those "Swimsuits" :(

Here are a few of my favorite features this site offers:

Physical Activity Page - You can get great ideas of how to increase your physical activity each day as well as track your progress and create a personal goal page.

Dining Out - You can see great options for what to eat when dining out. I loved this section because diets often get thrown off course as soon as we step foot in a restaurant. You can see sensible options of what to eat and what not to eat as your favorite restaurants.

Special Event Calculator - You can calculate your BMI on this site and you can even calculate how much you need to loose in order to make a "Special Event" this could be Summer, or a Friend's Wedding. You choose the date and your goal weight.
Like I said before there is TONS of great information on this new Slim-Fast site. So, log in today and just take a look around, I know I learned so much just reading about this and I can't wait to get all my stats entered in.

Happy Summer Planning!

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