Saturday, April 25, 2009

Online Resource - A Full Cup

I have been getting some great reader questions the past few days, and I thought that rather than just reply with one email that I would answer them in a post for everyone to see!

Yesterday, I got asked "How do I know what next week Walgreens Ad's are before they come out?"

This is a great question! There are several online forums that post the weekly ad's prior to the ad's being released in the newspapers You can see full color scans of these ads, and you can also view coupons that are available to be use with the ad's.

One of my favorite online forums is: A Full Cup - I recommend visiting this site and registering, it's free and once your registered it gives you full access to everything like the coupon generator and comments.

I have mentioned this site before, when they just recently launched a new format of this site. Here are a few of my favorite features:

Target Coupon Generator - This let's you print out all the available Target Coupons in any quantity you want, and also puts them in a format that saves ink and paper.

Target Forums - You can find great information on Target Deals, see what people are buying and of course see the ad previews.

Walgreens Forums - See all the ad previews and see how others are rolling their register rewards, or great new deals that are found.

Coupon Database - A coupon database is a list of all available coupons that haven't expired. This includes printable coupons. I use this list when I do match up's for grocery stores to find coupons to go with sales. I also use this list before I go shopping to find coupons for items I know I need, but don't have a coupon for. (Let me know if you want me to do a separate post on how to use a coupon database)

Remember that sites like A Full Cup thrive on user participation, so make sure you register so that you can help keep the site going strong. Also, because the deals are coming from all over the country the prices and selection at local stores may be different.

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  1. Heather, thanks for answering that! I registered a while back at A Full Cup but haven't remembered to use it! I'm heading over there right now to check it out again!