Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rolling Register Rewards

I got a great question yesterday from a new couponer wondering how exactly to roll register rewards. While this can be very complicated, I thought this would be a great time to take on the question.

Starting in May Walgreens is getting rid of the Easy Saver Book and Rebate Program, we don't know the specific details yet, but the Ad Preview for the 4/26 - 5/2 Walgreens Ad has 5 Free after Register Reward items so at least for a little while we may be seeing more of these types of deals.

This week is also a great week to talk about rolling register rewards since there are so many offers out there.

Here are this weeks Free after Register Rewards Deals:

Colgate Max White or Max Fresh Toothbrush $3.29
Use the $1 coupon from here (click on sign up now)
Or use the .75 coupon from the 3/29SS
Get $3.29 in Register Rewards
= $0.75 - $1.00 Money Maker depending on coupon

Fiber Choice 10 ct Tablets $2.49
Get $2.49 in Register Rewards
= FREE after RR!

Scunci Elastics (18 pk) $2.00
Get $2.00 in Register Rewards
= Free after RR!

Edge Shaving Gel $2.99
Get $2.99 in Register Rewards
= Free after RR!

Chapstick Naturals $1.99
Get $1.99 in Register Rewards
= Free after RR!

First Let's Start with a few Register Reward Rules - I know everyone has had different experiences and I can't get a straight answer from corporate regarding this policy, so I am going to speak from experience here:

1. You CANNOT use a register reward from the same item to purchase the item again. You will not receive your register reward.

Example: If I buy Chapstick for $1.99 and receive a $2.00 Register Reward, then I cannot use the $2.00 Register Reward on ANY TRANSACTION with the Chapstick in it.

(I think what can be confusing is that the register allows you to use the Register Reward, the problem is the new Register Reward will not print)

2. You CANNOT use a register reward from the same company to purchase another register reward deal from that company (Some people say this is only if the RR is the same amount, but I have had it work both ways, so this is the rule I follow)

Example: If I bought Colgate Toothpaste Last week and got a $3.50 Register Rewards, I cannot use that Register Rewards on any transaction for the $3.50 Colgate Toothbrush Register Rewards. The Toothbrush Register Rewards will not print because it is the same manufacturer and the same dollar amount.

3. The total number of Manufacturer Coupons and Register Rewards cannot exceed the number of items in the transaction.

Example: If I am buying The Colgate Toothbrush & the Edge Shaving Gel Here's what my transaction will look like:

Colgate Toothbrush $3.29
Edge Shaving Gel $2.99
- (1) Coupon for Colgate $1.00
- (1) Register Reward from Visine $3.00
- (1) Register Reward from Chapstick $2.00

The Second Register Reward for the Chapstick will Beep because there are only 2 items and 3 total coupons, so you can choose to either use the Colgate coupon, or use both of the register rewards. I always use coupons because I can use register rewards on other items, and coupons are only valid on specific items.

4. You CAN use Manufacturer Coupons and still receive the Register Rewards

I have been told by customer service that this is not true, and told by corporate that it is true, my experience is that typically it works just fine, Typically there is another reason the Register Rewards is not printing, such as the computer is programed wrong or something like that.

Most managers will tell you it's your coupons because they don't know what to say, but I typically find if I am having a problem with an item and it's not one of the above reasons, then others are having the same problem.

5. You CAN use more than one Register Rewards per Transaction.

The wording on the Register Rewards states that the total number of Coupons AND Register Rewards cannot exceed the number of items, so as long as you understand and are following rule 3, then you should be fine!

I have heard of stores where cashiers won't allow more than one to be use on a transaction, but I have personally never had this issue.

Here's how my transactions went today (I started with a $3.00 RR from Visine, a $3.50 from Colgate, and a $2.00 Chapstick = $8.50 in RR)


Colgate $3.29
Edge $2.99
Kleenex Filler $0.50 (Because I am using a coupon for Colgate and I wanted to use 2 register rewards)
- $1.00 Colgate Coupon
= 5.78
- $3.00 Visine RR & $2.00 Chapstick RR
(Keep in Mind I couldn't use a $3.00 Edge RR, or a $3.50 Colgate Toothpaste RR if I wanted to get both RR back from this transaction)
= $0.78 OOP


Edge Shaving Gel $2.99
Scunci $2.00
Fiber Choice $2.49
= $7.48
- $3.50 Colgate Toothpaste & $3.50 Colgate Toothbrush RR's
= $0.48 OOP

#3 (At a second Walgreens)

Colgate Toothbrush $3.29
Chapstick $1.99
Scunci $2.00
- $1.00/1 Colgate Coupon
= $6.28
- $3.00 Edge RR, & $3.00 Edge RR
= $0.28 OOP


Edge Shaving Gel $2.99
Chapstick $1.99
Fiber Choice $2.49
Filler - Kleenex $0.50
= $7.97
- $3.50 Colgate Toothbrush, $2.00 Scunci, $2.00 Scunci
= $0.47 OOP

Remaining Register Rewards (Chapstick $2.00, Chapstick $2.00, Fiber Choice $2.50, Fiber Choice $2.50 & Edge $3.00 = $12.00)

OOP $2.01

Profit of $1.49 increase in Register Rewards!!!!

Do you have any great tips for how you try to roll your register rewards?? I know I just try to keep my out of pocket as low as possible and use as many register rewards in a transaction as I can. I hope you found this information helpful!

You can see even more deals at The Centsible Sawyer's Drugstore Diva's


  1. Thank you again. I went to Walgreens tonight, and saved $79 (including all of the coupons and RR)! For the first time my savings exceeding my spendings! Although, my toothbrush RR didn't print and I had to go back to get the money. I am thinking now it didnt print because I used the $3.50 RR from last week in my total. I need to learn to split up my transactions to avoid this. I think I am understanding the RR a little better. Thanks so much for explaining! Also, I realized to really check the items. They have some that are packaged with an "extra". The scunci pack I found had another free pack with it (same $2 price) plus Sally Hanson nail polish had another top coat packaged together. They were only on a select few.

  2. Great explanation of RRs. After holidays are great times to find cheap filler items.