Sunday, April 5, 2009

Siloam Springs

Just a warning for the NWA readers. I just got an email that the Catalina Machine at the Siloam Springs Walgreens is not working. If you shop in Siloam, please ask the cashier before you do your shopping if the machine is working.

Also, sometimes you may be able to check out in the beauty section. I know it saves a lot of frustration if you know ahead of time!
I had this happen once before in Rogers and I agree it's really frustrating, I just asked the Manager to return my items and he was very nice about it. I suggest doing it right when you realize the RR didn't print because if you go back later to do a return after the machine is fixed they don't know if the RR printed or not.
Just wanted to pass along this heads up where everyone could see it.

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  1. I went both Fri & Sat with the machine not working. Fri the mgr voided the transaction with no trouble. Sat a different mgr printed a mail-in rebate for me, so I still get the $3 off Pepsi products, minus the stamp & waiting on it. Not ideal, but easier than a drive to another WG.