Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two Great Offers Still Available!

Don't forget to visit This Post to Enter the Giveaway for the Thursday April 30th Tickets! You can choose which Theater You want to see the movie at! This Giveaway ends on Wednesday Night 4/29 at 8pm. This is a great family friendly movie, perfect for a Date Night!

Also, don't forget to sign up for your subscription to All You Magazine! This is one of my favorite magazines because it has so many coupons in it each month. The May issue alone has over $80.00 in Savings. CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW LINK - I think it might finally be working correctly You can read all the details of how to order Here


  1. I ordered the All You subscription through your site a few days ago. How do I know it actually went through? I thought it did but I haven't heard anything back. Thanks, Jen

  2. Jen,

    It should have gone through. We closed out the month yesterday so you should see your charge on your credit card soon. You can also email the SLAH consultant if you want to confirm.