Sunday, April 26, 2009

Walgreens $34.81 Profit!

Ok, first I want to say that this picture is after 5 different trips to Walgreens, I never clear out the shelves and there were plenty of Bayer Meters at all of the Walgreens I went to today. Also,I still have several meter coupons left, because I didn't have time to make it to any more stores.

Also, I noticed on the tags that the Bayer deal is a monthly deal and runs through 5/30, so if your store runs out, just save your coupons because you might be able to use them later this month when they re-stock.

Here's are my totals from the day:

Total OOP spent off my Gift Cards $19.63 (Includes the 9.25% Sales Tax we pay in NWA)

Total Rebates Earned on Physicians Formula $22.44

Sub total of OOP and Rebates = $2.81 Profit!

PLUS I still have $32.00 worth of Register Rewards to spend on things that I need, or save to roll during following weeks!!!

Total Profit Including Register Rewards $34.81!


  1. I love this deal at Walgreens :)
    This had me running to all three stores in my area too!

  2. Did anyone happen to find the Bayer crystals?
    None of my stores had it in the size in this weeks ad

  3. Ugh! Glad to hear someone else did so well at Walgreen's this week because I did terrible! $30 OOP, $54 saved ... not much to brag about!

  4. Stephanie,

    I saw them on a cart at one store, it was a special display that they were putting out. I also read on a forum that one manager found the display in the back when the customer asked, so you might try asking at your local store, or waiting a few days to see if they put them out.

  5. Heather,
    Don't worry I had one Walgreens tell me they could only take one register reward per visit! I promptly emailed customer service when I got home. Oh yeah, she said what do you think they are going to give it to you for free?! Uh...yes?

  6. I had trouble at my Walgreens using more than one RR but I had the cashier void out the entire order and use RR's first and then my other coupons and that worked. Seems like some changes are going on. I had about $20 worth of items and a $3.50 RR wouldn't go thru even though my total was $8 and the girl tried to tell me it was because that was tax. Some don't know what they are doing and you need to explain it to them no matter how long the line gets. They'll get frustrated and do it your way.

  7. anon: it is not about the amount of $$ you spend, but rather the items. Perhaps you had more coupons than items? Remember, RRs count as MQs :)

  8. They did that to me as well. I'm glad you let me know I could use the RR first. I had to buy sweetarts for $.89.

  9. It really depends on the transaction, because you may need an additional item for two reasons. One to make the Total Before Tax greater than the RR, and two to make the coupon count the same as the item count.

    Using the RR first doesn't always solve the problem, it really depends on the transaction. Just remember to watch the coupon count and the subtotal!

    On a side note, most of the time the RR don't work for me it's because the cashier accidentally scanned a coupon or RR twice. This means that the count is one more than I planned, so the last one doen't work. Re-ringing would have solved this problem too!

  10. What are you planning on doing with the meters? Any thoughts as to where to donate them?

  11. My church has a ministry to Senior Citizens and I plan on donating them to the Church. I also have a cousin with Type 1 Diabetes so I am going to give a few of them to her.

  12. Where are you getting the contour meter coupons? And how long is the deal running??

  13. Erin,

    I had the meter coupons from several Newspaper Inserts. The deal is running all month long, through 5/30.

    Here are the dates the coupons were in the inserts:
    3/22, 2/1, 3/1
    All of them were still valid, so that's why I had so many coupons.

    You can also purchase these for $1.00 off Coupon Clippers if you need to and want to pay for them.

  14. I thought I sent this already but couldn't find it again. I see you did the Ecotrin deal....the Walgreens I went to wouldn't adjust my 2.25 coupon to 2.00 so I had to change strategies. I'm also in Fayetteville - which Walgreens is the easiest to deal with. I'm new to this coupon thing.

  15. I went to the new Walgreens on 412 East this week with a $2.00 coupon for a $1.99 item. The Managers were both there and adjusted it without me even asking. It depends on the cashier and manager on duty.

    When I did the Ecotrin I used 2 coupons so that it didn't have to be adjusted.

    I purchased 2 Ecotrin = $4.00
    Used 1 $2.25 coupon
    Used 1 $1.00 coupon
    = $0.75 out of pocket, but since the value of both coupons is less than the value of all of the Ecotrin on the transaction the registers don't beep. It's a little trick I have learned and since the RR was $2.00 I still made a little money and I didn't have to stress about my transaction.

    I hope that helps a little. Please let me know if you have any other questions.