Friday, April 24, 2009

When is it really Free?

Ok, so I have been having this thought since I did my Walgreens post about when is it really free? and when is it worth it?

In NWA tax is 9.25% most places. so If I actually Did the 4 transactions I posted then I would spend an additional $5.82 plus my original $6.34 OOP, so I am almost paying double when I include tax.

Now, I will still have $20.50 in RR, so I am still making money, but that means that I have to either be able to roll those RR, or purchase something that I need with them. The problem I find is that Walgreen's prices are higher on the things that I "need" than let's say Wamart's. However, if I am making a profit of $8.34 even after tax, it's like getting what I need for half price!

I have started asking myself if it's something I really need, or will ever use, at a certain point it's not worth the tax or gas to get items I wouldn't use. For example: I don't know if I will purchase much of the Rembrandt, or Bayer Quick Release because I don't know if I will ever use them. I am excited about the Body Wash and the Meters are a big enough money maker to make it worth the time and tax.
Just wondering what your thoughts were on this. I haven't decided what I am going to do or not do next week, but would love to know what you plan on buying and how you are going to roll them!


  1. I have been having this same thought as we have been heading through the month of April. For me the RR complicate things. I don't like trying to figure out how I'm going to roll them. So, sometimes I end up just purchasing the item I need at Walmart instead of Walgreens because it simplifies my life...even if it ends up costing me a little more.

  2. Exactly, Plus each time you "roll" your RR you have to find fillers and you alway pay tax. I think I liked the Rebate program because I could use my GC to pay for the tax.

  3. I agree about the RR complicating things! It takes some time and energy to figure out how to make the most (or spend the least) using this method! I am sad to see the rebate system go, especially since I just started couponing last month! Heather, do you have any ideas or knowledge about what Wags is going to replace the EasySaver with? Also, how do you find out what sales they have coming up? I've always wondered where people get this inside info... :D


  4. If it's not an item that I normally would buy and use (such as the asprin/meters) I usually don't bother unless I can make $1+ on the item after coupons and tax AND only if I have other things I was going to go buy anyways.

    If it's a toiletry item that would be a great item to donate I will usually buy if free PRE taxes because I know it will go to great use and I feel like God gives me the time and opportunity to save money and that I should use the knowledge to save and time I have to help others in this way and not just hoard products. I recently read on another blog of a lady who takes advantage of Walgreen's free deals on toothbrushes, toothpastes, deodorants etc... to make gift baskets to give to local hospitals to hand out to patient's families. I thought this was such a neat idea! I just bought 13 deodorants last week for profit and these are going to a local shelter. I feel like THAT is worth paying the taxes (even though I didn't have to due to coupons this time!)

  5. I had contemplated on doing this type of post myself but you worded it so well! Often times, I think that when I buy all of these items I'm getting such a great deal because they are free, but when you really think about the tax you are paying, and fillers which my DH has no trouble finding, often it isn't free. However, I am able to purchase items for pennies that I couldn't afford otherwise, and as long as I can keep a giftcard to purchase these items with Im happy. I think I've got the "rolling" thing down pat when I plan it correctly.