Saturday, May 23, 2009

Borders Summer Reading Program

A great way to get kids to read this summer is to encourage them to get involved in a summer reading program. I remember as a kid that I loved the competition and success that reading programs brought. So, why not encourage them to spend a little time each day reading!
Barnes & Noble and Borders are both offering great summer reading programs this year. You may even want your child to participate in both of them.

Since I have already highlighted the one from Barnes & Noble, I want to highlight the Borders Program for you today.

The Borders Reading Challenge requires 8 books to claim your "prize" the only thing I am not crazy about is that you have to purchase your prize. After reading 8 books children can choose one $4.99 reading challenge item. These items are half of their original price. There is not a list of reading challenge items, but you should be able to print the form and read the details on the Borders Reading Challenge website!

You might also check the local library, I know when I was younger they always had summer reading programs. I don't know if these still go on today, but if you have any information on those I would love for you to share that!

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