Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Free Sunscreen at Target!

Guess What! The Target Deals just keep coming, Now you can get Free Banana Boat Sunscreen at Target!

I found One Version of Banana Boat Sunscreen in the Travel Section for only $0.99. It looks exactly like the picture above.

Use the $1.00/1 Any Banana Boat Product (excludes lip balm) coupon from Sunday's 5/3 RP insert. to get the Sunscreen for Free!

Also, there are small cans of Pringle's Chips by the Register for $0.69
Use the $0.50/1 Target Store Coupon
= $0.19 each


  1. I hadn't seen these yet at my store, I'll have to look next time I go! Great find!

  2. Thanks! I picked up 2 of the sunscreens today.

  3. Am unable to locate Banana Boat coupon on Smart Source site. Any help is appreciated!!

  4. Our Target will NOT let you use the coupon to wipe out the price! They said it HAS to be OVER $1.00 BEFORE they'll let you use the coupon. Thanks though for the good tip!

  5. Check out the Target Corporate Coupon policy on It's Hip to Save. They MUST adjust the coupon to the price of the item if the coupon's value is over. This was also confirmed by a call to the 800# listed on IHTS. The policy was confirmed, a reference # given and I was told to call from the store if, when I returned with, in this case a Bliss coupon, and advise of the store's refusal to accept the coupon. Try this!! And, oh, can anybody provide a link to that Banana Boat sunscreen?

  6. The Banana Boat coupon was in the Sunday Paper Inserts. I haven't seen an IP yet... I will let you know if I find one.

  7. I asked Target corporate for their coupon policy and they emailed it to me in less than 24 hours. I have multiple copies printed and in my purse "just in case."

    This way you have an "official" copy of the policy with their email.

  8. I also was denied the use of the coupon on the trial size, (2nd store). The register actually denies it if it's not over $1. Same thing with the Hershey's Bliss chocolate

  9. We Swim....

    I posted this on another Target post and thought you might want to see it too.

    You can email Guest Relations at:

    Or call Guest Relations @ (800) 440-0680

    Here's the response I received today when I asked for the Target coupon policy:

    - We accept two kinds of coupons: Target-issued and manufacturer-issued.

    - We'll accept one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon for the same item, unless either coupon prohibits it.

    - We can't give cash back if the face value of a coupon is greater than the purchase value of the item; in this case, we're able to adjust the value of the coupon to equal the price of the item.

    - We can't accept coupons from other retailers, or coupons for products not carried in our stores.

    - All valid coupons should be presented to the cashier while you're checking out.

    Hopefully that will help!

  10. I had a HORRIBLE experience at Target this morning. Last night I purchased 6 trial sized Banana Boat sunsreens and 6 trial size bags of Quaker Granola Bites by the register. I had a many other items too and coupons for everything. I had 12 coupons ($1.00 off) for all of the trial sized items. The cashier scanned each coupon and it seemed to not want to accept them, so I asked her about it..she seemed to fix it. I was tired, got home then looked at the receipt and noticed that NONE of the $1.00 coupons were actually taken. So, I called and customer service said that they can't take it because the item was a penny less. I asked if they could have adjusted the amount, she said no. I came in and took all of them back- what a headache. The woman who "helped" me was so rude. I tried to have a conversation with her about it and she was awful to me. She said "You can't use a coupon for trial size!!!" Then I said the coupon did not exclude trial size, and she said "Well, most of them do" Actually she yelled. Then, I asked if I could speak to someone else and she said, "Yeah... but you are the one who came up to me, I didn't make you talk to me!!" Then she slammed down the scanner thing. I started to cry and felt like a fool. I take meds for anxiety, and just needed to get out of there and breathe. Guess I should've printed out that policy.. and I wonder why do so many of the cashiers, customer service people not know the coupon policy? Very irritating to be yelled at!!