Friday, May 8, 2009

Gerber Smart Sips - Try Me Free!

Amber just let me know that she found the Gerber Graduates "Smart Sips" at the Rogers Target with Try Me Free Labels Attached. Keep your eyes open at your local Target for these.

I love freebies like this because I won't typically pay to have these on hand, but they are great to throw in the diaper bag for a treat when I know I am leaving the house for a long day of shopping!


  1. Do you find these with all the other Gerber Graduates products? I can't seem to even find them at the stores I go to.

  2. Yes, I think they are with the baby food items. Look with the other kid shakes... or they may be with the juices in the food section. I haven't seen them either so I am hoping to get some later this week.

  3. Yes, they were by the other Graduates items on the very bottom shelf in the baby food section.