Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Coupons Up!

Old Navy Weekly has been reset! Again, All the great coupons are gone. I will give you the hiding places because it looks like they will update again during the next few days! If you hurry there are still some decent coupons left!

Also, remember that on Saturday only, Flip Flops at Old Navy will only be $1.00!!!!

$60/$100 - Take the bucket and fill it with water on the right then pour it where the three people are in swimwear - GONE

$45/$100 - Take the Bottle from the girls hand on the right and spray the girl on the left with white shorts. Do this twice or till she's covered with tan - GONE

$15/$75 - In the movie...when she was holding all the flip flops

$20/$100 - Move the orange stripe bag to Kelly's left hand

I'm so sorry that I can't post fast enough to let you know before hand. If you are following me on Twitter then you might have had advanced notice. I was able to send out a message when the site was reloading (and I was eating dinner!)


  1. I got a $60/$100! It's the first time I've gotten a high value coupon. I'm so excited!

  2. That's Awesome!!!! Way to go!!!! There were only 167 of those and I couldn't figure it out. How did you figure it out????

  3. I just started dragging the bucket around and I saw the bucket started splashing water when I moved over the pool. I didn't know what to do with it so I just started clicking around and the next little window started filling with water, so I just kept doing it until the little window filled with water and it gave me the coupon!

  4. Old Navy is having a sale on solid color flip flops tomorrow (5/23) for $1. I forgot about the sale until the cashier reminded me today. She told me I could go back tomorrow and return my flip flop purchases and repurchase for the sale price tomorrow. This way I won't miss out on the sizes and colors for my kids!