Thursday, May 14, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Site!

UPDATE: Looks like the site was updated early tonight!

The 60/100 was in the coconut that falls from the tree on the left side of the screen. You have to click the tree trunk like 250 times or something like that before the coconut falls, then you have to click it before it goes off the screen.

The 45/100 is in the Umbrella, just close it and click! Super Easy, but these are all gone too!

The 25% off is easy too, just click the button on the bottom right that says "download pdf" to download the weekly ad. - These are still available if you hurry!

Visit Old Navy Weekly to find a coupon!

Just a quick reminder that the Old Navy Weekly site will reset tonight. Looks like the $60/$100 will be the highest coupon. Last week it reset at 3:30 Central time, and a few weeks ago it was at 8pm Eastern, so start checking later on tonight!

You can see the latest Old Navy Post Here

You can follow the Old Navy SuperModelquin on Twitter

Remember that you can join A Full Cup and follow all the action too! Just log in or Create an account, then click on "Forums" then scroll down till you see "Other Stores" and click on "Clothing Stores" You should see a post for Old Navy Weekly Week of May 14th.

This is one of the ways to find out where the coupons are located, people chat back and forth by posting comments and try to help each other out, so make sure you log in and register to figure out how it all works before the hunting begins!

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  1. I found a 20% off by clicking the yellow tote at the bottom and exchanging it on the tote in the woman's hand with the pink suit.