Friday, May 8, 2009

Old Navy Weekly

Last Night was Old Navy night at our house, I decided to stay up and wait for the coupons to be reset since I had so much stuff to do. I got a lot done, but I didn't get a coupon. Here's a recap:

They didn't release them till about 3:30 Central Time, and they only released 167 $60/$100 purchase. It took a while for everyone to figure out where they were, and it was really confusing and went so fast that they were gone. I was kinda frustrated, so I thought I would turn that frustration into something positive :) Since I was so confused last night I thought I would make it easy for you to find the $60/$100!

Keep Checking the Old Navy Weekly site because they should release coupons again some time this week!

Here are the directions for the $60/$100:

1) Place your cursor on the line at the far right edge between the white screen and the clouds (where the yellow star burst is)

2) When you see the courser change to a hand, Click and hold.

3) Drag the bottoms to the Second Model from the Right, and the coupon will pop up!

I know it almost seems too easy, Please let me know if this is helpful and if you get a coupon! I would love to know that it helped someone out!

Here's where the other coupons are:

10% off - Click the crab in the lower right hand corner

15% off - Click the little boy's arm floaties

20% off - Click mix and match several times until they all match bodies

25% off - After you click mix and match 3 times, then cancel out the coupon or the scandal, Wait a few seconds and then click mix and match again, then the beach ball will drop. Click on the Beach ball several times.

$10 off $50 - Watch commercial and click Heather as she starts to sway.(Pause to make it easier to click on)Or Play the video, click on the sunglasses at 14 seconds.$45 off $100Click on dolphin that swims behind mix and match girls.

Thanks to Hip 2 Save for the coupon locations!

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