Monday, May 4, 2009

You Data - How to view ads on NWA Deals

Today I want to walk you through how to use the You Data Site that is now on my Right Side Bar. You Data pays directly to Pay Pal each Friday so you get your money quickly and there is no minimum required for payment. You can read more about You Data Here and Here.

Here's how to use You Data on NWA Deals:

1) Sign up for a You Data Account Here

2) Complete your "Me File" - This is the part that helps you get selected for ads. Companies select which clients they want to view ad's based on their "Me File" you can complete all or only a few of the "Me File" questions, but the more you complete the more chance of seeing ad's you have.

3) View Your Ads: You can view ad's on the You Data website, or you can view them here on NWA Deals. On my site, you will see a You Data ad box on the Right Side Bar, Here's what it looks like when you have an ad:

4) Click on "Reveal Ad's" to see your ads. This is what you will see:

5) Click "Collect in the bottom right corner. Typically you get paid $0.05 just for viewing the ad you just saw.

6) After you collect you Small Amount for viewing the ad you can typically earn $0.10 - $0.15 for jumping to the advertisers website. For Each ad click on "jump to collect", the money will automatically be added to your You Data account.

If you are viewing ads from my site at this point, you will want to drag the small triangle at the top all the way to "Keep 100%" so that you will get all of your money for each ad you view. This is the only part I do not like about this program because the code automatically gives me 50% if you don't drag your courser over to Keep 100%. Please know that I am trying to be very up front about this so that you make as much money as possible.

7) When you get to the end it, click reload and if you have any more available ads they will refresh.

It's that easy! I promise it will not take long at all to view your ads and while I don't make tons of money I do make $2-3 a week some week. Once logged in every time you are on NWA Deals you will see the ads that are available so you don't have to remember to go to the You Data site.

What are you waiting for? Sign up with You Data today and start making money!!!

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