Saturday, February 7, 2009

Walgreens Favorites

Here is my shopping list for Walgreens tomorrow. I have some register rewards to roll from the Right Guard this week, so I plan on using the newspaper as a filler since there are going to be 4 inserts tomorrow!

Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes or Cleaner 2/$5.00
- $2.00 ESR on 2 (#30 Limit 4)
- $3.00/2 Printable HERE
= FREE after ESR and Coupons

Windex Antibacterial or Windex Wipes 2/$5.00
- $2.00 ESR on 2 (#30 Limit 4)
- $3.00 (2 x $1.50) Printable HERE
- $2.50 Mail in Rebate for Windex Wipes or Antibacterial
= $2.50 MM after ESR and Coupons

Progresso Soup 4/$5.00 with In Ad Coupon
- $1.10 Printable HERE
= $0.15 Each

Gillette Fusion Razor $8.99 Earn $6.00 RR
-$4.00/1 Coupon in 2/8 PG insert
= $4.99 OOP -$6.00RR = $1.01 MM

Check out The Thrifty Mama for a complete list of deals this week.

Walgreens Lingo:
ESR= Easy Saver Rebate. You can apply for this on the Walgreens website, it's super easy, but you can only submit once per month, so make sure you have everything that you want before you turn in you rebate.

RR= Register Rewards. These print out when you purchase a specific product and are good on your next purchase. Typically these have a 2 week period before they expire so make sure you use them before then. Also, Register Rewards cannot be used to purchase another item that produces a register reward if it is the same dollar amount, or from the same manufacturer.

IVC= Instant Value Coupon. These are found in the rebate book at the front of the store. You can use one IVC and one Manufacturer coupon per item. Also, if you have 3 of the same item and an IVC for $2.00 you only need one IVC. The registers are programed to take off $2.00 per item purchased so it will scan at $6.00 for 3 items.

MIR= Mail in Rebate. These are typically found on products, in the newspaper inserts, and online.

MM= Money Maker. Some products that have rebates, coupons, and MIR's can earn you a little cash in your pocket, I tend to purchase these items even if I don't need them, you can always give them away.

OOP= Out of Pocket. This is the price you will pay out of your pocket before mail in rebates and easy saver rebates.

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