Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 4: How to get everyday items for FREE

If you have been following this blog for very long you probably know that there are some essential every day items that you can get for FREE! Here's How:

1) Walgreens Register Rewards

Keep your eyes on the Walgreens Weekly Ad. Each week there are specific items that you can purchase that are "Free After Register Reward"

Let me explain what a Register Reward is and how to use it.

A Register Reward is a coupon off your next purchase. Register Rewards are essentially like cash off your next purchase or transaction.

For example This week Edge Shaving Gel and Chap stick are Free after Register Rewards:

Transaction 1:

Buy Chap stick for $1.99
Get a coupon (Register Rewards) for $1.99 off your next purchase

Transaction 2:

Buy Edge Shaving Gel for $2.99
Use your coupon from the Chap stick for $1.99
= Pay $1.00 for the Edge Shaving Gel
& Receive a coupon (Register Rewards) for $3.00

You have paid $2.99 total (plus tax) and still have $3.00 off your next purchase. You can use your $3.00 on something you need, or save it for next week and use it on another Register Reward item.

2) Mail In Rebates / Try Me Free

Keep your eyes open when you are shopping for "Try Me Free" offers that are attached to everyday products. You can also see a list of Mail in Rebates and Try Me Free offers at Hooray for Freebates. Here are some items that I have found recently with Try Me Free labels attached

Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough (At Walmart)

Resolve Carpet Cleaner (At Walmart)

Raisin Bran Extra

Kellogg's All Bran Products (Expires 4/30)

Physicians Formula Bronze Brighteners (At Walgreens)

Remember that most of the time you have to have the form that is attached to the product. The exception above is the Kellogg's All Bran Challenge.

Also, you will need an original receipt on these items, so only purchase one mail in rebate product per receipt.

3) FREE Samples

There are several great sites out there that list free samples. I also do a weekly round up of free stuff, or you can use the link at the top of this page to get to all the Free Stuff I have recently posted. I LOVE to get Free Samples in the mail, Pay attention to where the samples are coming from, sometimes companies offer a sample through their website, and also through

I recently got 3 samples of the Always Infinity Pad (one a day for 3 days) All to the same mailing address, with the same name on it. I simply signed up on the Always site, the Walgreens site, and the Walmart site. Each one had 1 pad and a coupon with the retailers name on it.

If you figure that at $5.99/14 pads each one is worth $0.43 then I saved $1.29 just by signing up for these free samples.

FreeFly's is a great source of Free Samples. Once you register you can view lists of free samples that are available by category. They include everything from Food to Beauty, and Baby. Right now you can get samples of Total Cereal, Mary Kay Mascara, and Quaker True Delights.

Walmart has a great list of Free Samples on their website. These come very quickly, and are always from great manufacturers. Everything from Zyrtec, Jergans Natural Glow, Crest White strips, & the Always Infinity is still available.

You can also use Shop for Freebies to find great stuff.

If you are just getting started, read my post on Where to Start


  1. At all of the Walgreens in Fayetteville (and I've tried all of them) I have never been able to use register rewards to buy anything that is suppose to produce another register reward. I always make sure the item I'm buying is not made by the same company. I've asked 2 of the managers about it and they've both said that you can not use a register reward to buy anything that is suppose to produce another register reward. Has anyone else ran into this?

  2. I have not had this problem most of the time. There is a lot of confusion about register rewards at Walgreens, I am not sure even their own store managers understand them. I have been told both things before. Most of the time you will receive the register rewards as long as 1) it's not the same manufacturer, and 2) it's not the same amount or from the same offer.

    Here's the response I received from Corporate.

    Q. Can I use Register Rewards in a transaction that will print out other
    (different product) Register Rewards?


    See, still not very clear. What have you had problems with specifically? I will try to help, but to tell you the truth I don't understand it completely.

    Some times things just don't print.... and I don't understand it either, however, I don't think it's because you are using a register rewards, it's normally for some other reason.