Monday, March 30, 2009

Saving while couponing.

How can you save money when you are constantly buying envelopes, sending in rebates, printing coupons, and purchasing ink? Is all of that really worth the extra cost involved, are you really saving that much?

Here are a few great ways you can save this week on all the basics that you need for saving money :) You didn't think I paid full price for ink and paper did you?

I am sitting here about to send in all my rebates for March and I just wanted to share another way you can save. My husband used to always ask me if the rebates I am sending in are "Worth the Stamp" Most of the time they are, but here's a great way to get to save on postage.

With Get Up to $25 in FREE Postage just for signing up for the 4 week trial membership. After 4 weeks you can cancel the membership and you keep the postage. You print the postage right from your PC so you don't have to buy any other supplies to use this service, and it's approved by the USPS.

Staples Stores have Hammermill Paper on sale B1G1 Free. The original price is $5.79 and there is an Staples Easy Saver Rebate for $3.99 when you buy 2.

Purchase 2 Reams of Paper for $5.99
Get $3.99 rebate back
= $0.90 per ream of paper!!!!
Tip: You must purchase this in the store to get the rebate. The rebate program works like Walgrens, you complete the forms online and have 60 days to submit for your rebates.

This week at Walgreens Printer Cartridge Refills are on sale for $7.50, There is also a rebate of $7.50 making this FREE AFTER REBATE. This is a great time to get your ink for free so you don't have to worry about printing all those coupons!!!
Let me know if you have found any great deals on Supplies for couponing! I also have found that August is a great month to buy supplies because there are great deals around for Back to School.
You can also check out my post on How to get Free Business Cards if you have a small business this would be another great way to save!

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