Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saving with Rainchecks

Most people don't ever even think about rain checks, however I have found this to be a great way to save money. Here's a great example of how to use rain checks.

1) Keep your eyes open

I was at the Target in Rogers yesterday and i noticed that the Stouffers Meals had a BIG open space. I looked at the tag and realized that the Lasagna was on sale for $3.49. The only problem was they were all gone. (This normally retails at Walmart for $7.00 for the same size)

I noted the price and size and when I went to check out asked for a rain check. You can get a rain check for up to 6 items and the rain checks are good at any Target location. They are good for up to 45 days.

2) Use at another location

The great thing about this rain check is that I can take it to a closer Target that isn't running the same new store sales and use it there. I won't have to drive as far, and since it's not on sale at my closer Target most likely it will be an in stock item.

3) Combine with Coupons
The next time you go shopping, you can pick up your product and take them to the check out. The rain check acts like a coupon, you just hand it over and the cashier scans it to automatically adjust the price.

I also have a coupon that I printed earlier that is for $1.00 off 1, so I will end up getting something that I would pay $7.00 for at Walmart for only $2.49.

4) Save for a coupon

Don't forget that Rain checks are also valuable at Walgreens. If you see an item on sale for a good price that they are out of, you can ask for a rain check.

If you don't have a coupon for that specific item you can save the rain check for a time when a coupon comes out. They will price adjust to match the rain check, and you should still be able to use your coupon!

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