Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Talk Back Tuesday

Let me just tell you that I have had such a fun time sharing these deals with you over the past couple of months. I appreciate so much all of the new readers who are now following NWA Deals. I have heard from some of you, but I would love to hear more.

So, on Tuesday's I am going to ask a question and give you the chance to respond. This is our chance to help each other out. I think this should be a lot of fun!

Ok, I am going to ask 2 questions this week because we are just getting started.

1) What's your favorite coupon strategy?

2) What would you like to see more of on this blog, what are your favorite parts, and what can I do to help you save more?

Just leave a comment and let me know what you think!


  1. My coupon strategy if you could call it that, is I basically cut out every coupon of any product I think I might use. I have two sections in my coupon keeper. one for the coupons i KNOW i will use, and a section for the ones I might use if I see a good sale. For instance, i usually use the generic brand of aluminum foil but recently Walgreens had a sale on Reynolds Al. Foil. So, even though I don't usually buy that brand, i had saved a couple of coupons from the newspaper and was able to get it for free.

    As far as your blog, I think you are doing great. I love taht you post the Walgreens deals each week and you have local deals as well. If I do think of anything tho, i will let you know!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I love the idea of keeping the ones you know you will use all together. I think that would help new couponers stay organized and not get overwhelmed.

    Great Tip!

  3. I am new to this whole coupon world, so I am just beginning a strategy. I have so appreciated following your blog the last two weeks or so since sometimes it feels hard to save money in NWA (I live in Siloam) because we don't have all the big grocery stores/drug stores and what not.

    If you have any advice on collecting items for a baby, I would love to hear it! My hubby and I are having our first baby this summer and I am trying to get prepared and stockpile things like wipes, diapers, etc.

    Thanks for all your time that you put into this blog!

  4. Hey Liz-You guys do have a wal-mart in Siloam right? My little boy is almost 2 and I have used the Parents Choice diapers and wipes on him from almost day 1. I have found them to be cheaper than the name brands, even with coupons for the name brands. If you want to use the name brands though, I would sign up at Huggies or Pampers online and you should be mailed coupons for their products every so often. At least I know it's true for Huggies because I still get their coupons. As for clothes it might be worth a trip to Once Upon a Child in fayetteville or if there are any consignment stores closer, you might want to check those out. A lot of the newborn clothes barely get worn so you should be able to find some good stuff for a fraction of the price. As for formula, I used the Parents Choice brand of that also. You can sign up on Similac's website and get coupons and checks(!) for their formula.

  5. Liz - I'll work on a post on saving when having a babay. I think "Baby" is like the word "Wedding" all the sudden retailers think they can charge more.

    Sarah already took some of my ideas, Once Upon a Child is great, and I always recommend Signing up for as much as you can. I got tons of free formula samples from Enfamil, Similac, and Parents Choice.

  6. Well, I'm pretty darn excited to find your blog. I have been lurking for awhile and you are officially on my blogroll now because you are in NWA. I actually live in Conway now but just recently moved here after living in Fayetteville. So, it is nice to find a deal blog written so close to home!

    1. The best coupon saving strategies I enjoy reading are when you post your own deal scenarios at different stores. I like to know how others are using RR at Walgreens and how to take the best advantage of the sales.

    2. I love any tips and goodies that other parents of little ones find at stores or internet websites, etc. There is so much out there I love to know what is new and good to use!

    Thanks for your blog! I just love reading it!

  7. Georgia,

    Thanks for the ideas. I always worry that strategies are too confusing to read so I don't post as many as I do. I will try to post more since I know you like them!

    Thanks for reading!~

  8. Thanks for all your tips ladies! Yes, we do have a Walmart here in Siloam. I am not overwhelmed (yet) by all the baby stuff, but am really wanting to get prepared before our little man arrives.

    I will keep reading away! Thanks again.