Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Talk Back Tuesday

Ok, here we go again! Can you believe it's Tuesday already??? This is your chance to share your favorite coupon finds:
What coupon do you wait for and ALWAYS clip????
This might be something that you use, or something you know you can get for Free if it goes on sale. Hopefully this will give everyone a good idea of what coupons to keep their eye out for.
Personally I LOVE to find high value Cereal Coupons like the $1.00/1 Kellogg's Coupons that were in the inserts last year, and I always cut out Colgate coupons because I know that I can make a little money with those.
Just leave a comment and let us know what your favorite coupons are and how you use them!


  1. I always clip:
    $1 Johnson Buddies
    $1 Colgate
    $1 Garnier Fructis
    $.50 Cottonelle (for when I visit Kroger)
    Any high dollar granola bar or cereal
    Online Glade and SC Johnson cleaning supplies (seems these products always end up being free at Walgreens)
    Also, Sundays are my "no-cooking" day, so I'm always on the lookout for high dollar coupons for quick easy prepared meals... this or coupons for restaurants!

  2. I always clip coupons for:

    Crest toothpaste
    Pledge multi surface coupons
    Dr.pepper -i don't find these often!
    Oral B-they have $1 off coupons sometimes and I use these to buy my 2 yr old's toothpaste

    I also usually clip anything for $1 off. these come in handy during double coupon week at Kmart!!

    I also have a peeve I'd like to share. I'm glad that Tide provides a coupon for their detergent but couldn't they do better than $0.35! I find $1 coupons SOMETIMES but most of the time it is .35 cents which i find hilarious since their product can be a little pricey!!!

  3. I clip everything because you never know when you will find a sale. In the past I would be selective and then be at a store and find something that wasn't advertised and not have the coupon. With 4 kids, food pantries, inlaws and inlaw grandparents that I buy for, we use all kinds of coupons.