Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Business Cards from Vista Print

I had a really sweet reader email me and ask if I would send her some business cards so that she could hand them out when she was out shopping! I was so excited for 2 reasons. First, that anyone would think my site was a valuable resource and worthy of being shared is one of the biggest compliments I have received. Second, I actually had cards to send :)

I order business cards from Vista Print a few weeks ago and other than family and myself they have been sitting on my desk. So, I thought I would pass along this offer. If you would like to have some cards to hand out when people ask you about couponing then please email me your address and I would be happy to send you some.

My email is: heather @ nwadeals . net

If you are looking for a great deal on business cards then please check out Vista Print!

You can also get 100 Postcards for FREE Check out my post here on all the great designs and uses.

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  1. Because of your post, I got 750 business cards for only the price of shipping which was under five dollars! They look great and the site is user-friendly. Thanks for the great info!