Friday, April 3, 2009

FREE Business Cards

Ok, Last night I did it. I broke down and ordered some business cards. Because I try to keep current deals in the NWA area, I am always getting people who ask about my site or where to find the coupons I use as I am shopping. I figure that's a great time to promote my blog. I hadn't ordered business cards yet because I didn't know if it was worth the money, but when I came across Vista Print I decided to give it a try.

You can check out the Vista Print website Here

Here's what I got: Right now they are running a special where you can get the Premium Business cards for $1.99 and if you buy 250, then you get 250 FREE

Shipping was $6.00 for me to get 500 Business cards.

You can also get 250 Free Business cards and pay about $5.45 in shipping. I thought that the 500 was a better deal for me, plus the Free cards have the Vista Print logo on the back, so I didn't really want that option.

If you are looking for Business cards, they have TONS of options. Here are some of my favorites below:

Perfect for Wedding Planners
So Cute if you clean houses for a living

Want to start a dog grooming business?

I thought this was so perfect for even an Avon, Mary Kay, or other Home Business.

If you have your own business, or I guess really any business this is definatly the cheepest way I have found to get business cards. Check out Vista Print today.

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  1. Oh you are going to love it. Mine just came in yesterday and I couldn't be more happier!! Happy shopping to ya!