Saturday, April 11, 2009

I got my business cards!!!!

Guess What???? Remember when I posted here about placing my business card order, I was so excited because I found a place where I could get them for Free plus shipping and since I selected the slowest (cheapest) shipping option they said it would be 21 days till I got my business cards.

I placed the order on April 2nd at like midnight, and I received the order Yesterday the 10th. It only took ONE WEEK for my cards to come and they looked just like I planned. I am extremely satisfied with my order.

Here's what I got. I paid $1.99 for 250 premium business cards because I wanted some without the vista print logo, and I also got the 250 Free business cards with the vista print logo on them. It was only $1.00 more in shipping to get the additional 250 cards so I decided it was worth it to not have to reorder again.

Here's what they looked like when they came:

See, the premium business cards are a little different paper (not much) and they do not have any print on the back of the cards
The Free cards have the vista print logo on the back.
You also have more choices for design with the premium cards. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to have these cards, I am always out and about shopping and telling people about my site, hopefully this will make it easier for them to remember.
If you want to order your own business cards, you can visit the vista print site Here

You can also get 100 free postcards from the same company, read more about that offer in This Post

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