Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Walgreens Trip $3.34 Profit!

Here is what I got at Walgreen's today:

1 Reusable Shopping Bag
2 Glade Candles
2 Physicians Formula Tinted Moisturizers with Free Mascara
3 Easter Candy Fillers

Used Free Shopping Bag Coupon
$3.00/$10.00 Purchase
2- $4.00/1 Glade Coupons
2- $2.00/1 Glade Easy Saver Coupon
2- $1.00 Physicians Formula Coupons
15% off your entire purchase
$3.00 RR from Edge
$2.00 RR from Chapstick
= $2.66 OOP on my Gift Card

And I will get back $11.00 on my Gift Card after the Rebate, so including Tax and the $5.00 in Register Rewards I spent, I made $3.34 on this one transaction!!!!

If you are still planning to use the 15% off Walgreen's, here are some tips:

Take the Green Bag with you to the Checkout

You have to check out in Photo, or Beauty to get the 15% off, and you have to give them the coupon first, because they are ringing it up like an employee discount.


  1. Great job!
    I had a similar shopping trip - I was so excited that the candles rang up as $5.09 (15% off) - ended up being a money maker! I was able to buy a P/F lip gloss ($4.07) and mascara ($5.99) and use 2 $1 off coupons - this will be a money maker once I claim my rebate AND be things I will actually use! Yippee!

  2. Great Job! Did you get the lip gloss on clearance? I found several PF Organic Clearance items at the Mall Walgreens in Fayetteville. Some were 4.69 and others were 8.69 those would have been great items too!

    I agree, I am excited to try out these products! I love free makeup.

  3. Yes, the lip gloss was on clearance at the Township Walgreens. Also, while I was running errands I stopped at Target and for $5.37 bought 3 boxes of Poptarts (2 12-count, 1 8-count), Electrasol ($4.29 in Fayetteville), Fiber One Bars, Market Pantry fruit snacks, 2 Kraft EZ Macs and a Dove Deodorant. Not terribly great, but wanted to share with someone else who would get excited. :) (The poptarts were "Buy 2 12 count, get an 8 count free" and I had $1 off 2 MQ, $.55 off 1 MQ and then a Target coupon I received at check out last time for $.50 off 1.) The machine beeped at the fruit snacks and Dove Deodorant since the coupon was for more than the item which took time for the cashier to call a manager over. :( I hate it when I hold up the line so will only buy items that have coupons for less than or equal to the price from now on.

  4. I hate holding up the line too, but sometimes it's hard to help it when you're using coupons. I always try to go when it's not too busy, or let people go in front of me if i know I have a lot of coupons.

    Did the manager adjust the coupons?

  5. Yes - they didn't have a problem adjusting at all - the cashier I had was new and didn't know what the computer was asking when it beeped at her.

  6. Where did the free shopping bag coupon come from?

  7. Great deals! I got my free bag too.
    Thanks for sharing!