Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Talk Back Tuesday

I think this is quickly becoming one of my favorite days, because I love hearing all your great ideas! You know the drill, I post a question, and you let me know your thoughts.

We all know that companies use high value coupons, sales, and free after rebate items to get us to try their products hoping that we will like them and purchase them in the future. But if you're like me by the time you run out of that product there i another new "free" item to take it's place.

Here's today's question:

What Free item have you gotten that you might actually pay for in the future?


What items do you wish you could get for free?

I love the Glade Scented Oil Candles. I got a ton of these at Target before Christmas and the Apple Cinnamon is my favorite! I did actually pay $0.50 a box for the refills at Walgreens a month or so ago because I was out. :) However, now that we are on to the new Fragrance Collection Candles, I probably won't actually be paying for these again :)


  1. I'm enjoying the Johnson Buddies soaps... I have at least a years supply - but for the price ($.97) I will probably buy these in the future -- assuming I don't get more coupons for another year's supply! ;0

  2. Hi there! I just found you via moneysavingmom and am so excited that you are here in NWA. Thanks for putting the great deals together, I always need help with my Harps ad. :)

  3. My husband drinks diet dr. pepper like you wouldn't believe so I of course keep buying that and the free coupons every once in a while are nice! I like the All-Bran tea flavored drink. I tried those with a coupon and I love it so I keep buying it. I wish I could get toilet paper for free! and free diet coke!!!

  4. I got a box of the Oreo Cakesters 100-calorie pack a couple of months ago via the First Taste program by Kraft and they are SO good. I actually did buy another box...um, I dont' think it means 100 calories per box, right? They are seriously addictive. I'll also be forever in love with the Glade Lasting Impressions. I'll buy those when I run out...if it ever happens!

  5. My husabnd is a huge fan of the Sambucol I got at Walgreens a couple weeks ago. Let's hope I can get good deals in the future because he will eventually want more!

  6. I wish I could get toilet paper for free. There are coupons here and there, but not any that make a big difference on the overall price of the paper.

  7. So I completely agree about the Toilet Paper thing, Plus it's not like one of those things you can just do without! :)