Tuesday, May 5, 2009

30% off at Old Navy

Old Navy Weekly was reset at about 2:00 Central time or 12 Pacific. The 75/100 are already gone as usual, but there are still 30% off left this morning! Here is where you can find the coupons.

30% off when you comb your hair like Kelly - Move head of Josh in bottom right frame to no head model

$5 off when you buy a piece of swimwear - Move Heather (blond ponytail girl in bottom right) closer to Josh

$5/25 - Move blue umbrella in cup to blond girls ear with the cup

$10/50 - Blue polo guys cup - click a bunch of times to get rid of ice

$5 off Adult and kids shorts - Frisbee in dogs mouth

1 comment:

  1. Old Navy is making me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!