Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free KFC Meal

Hurry and print your coupon for a free 2 piece Kentucky Grilled Chicken Meal. This coupon will only be available till tomorrow night so print it now. This is a bricks coupon, so you should be able to print it twice. The coupon is good through 5/19 and is not valid on Mothers Day.

Click Here to print your coupon!

(Thanks to Travis, and The Frugal Muse)


  1. I can not get this to print... can you help thanks I love our site! I check it everday! your awesome Danielle

  2. Hey Danielle,

    I see two problems. First I think I copied the link after I printed my coupons, so I changed the link to the original link.

    Second, I think Coupons.com is down for some reason right now, I can't get any of their sites or coupons to print. They may just be overloaded

    Hopefully when they get back up you will be able to print again. Let me know if you have any more problems.


  3. You can actually print 4 (that is what it said on their site). I redeemed mine today and met another reader of this blog who was also getting hers. It was a delicious meal!