Friday, May 15, 2009

Do You All You?

I have gotten several questions about All You Magazine issues having different coupons at Wamart than what is in the Subscription issue. Chrissy from BeCentsAble called to find out the answer, here is what she was told:

"The editor said that the last two months they had a few companies that only wanted to advertise in the newsstand issue because they wanted people to use their coupons at WalMart. She said they have had MANY complains and are changing this back. It will take a few months because magazines are made several months in advanced. She said the June magazine will have $100 worth of coupons but the newsstand issue will have an extra $7. This issue will be resolved completely soon."

The June issue sold at Walmart includes an extra booklet with $12.50 worth of coupons. The two editions are otherwise the same in terms of coupon value. If you are a subscriber and you would like to receive this booklet you can email

Things to include in your e-mail:

1) Your account number, found on the mailing label just above your name and address. It is nine digits and is usually located between two asterisks, for example *123456789*

2) Your name and address as it appears on the mailing label

3) Your e-mail address

4) A specific mention that you are looking for the “Coupon book from the June issue of All You.”

Thanks to Francis for letting me know about this deal!

Remember, you can get a 2 year subscription to All You Magazine for only $17.95, that's just $0.75 an issue, and the June issue has over $100.00 in coupons!!!

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