Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reader Favorites!

I wanted to pass along a few comments I have received lately. I love to hear back from readers about which deals they like and didn't like because it helps me choose what's the most helpful for you in the future. Here are 2 deals that I have gotten some great comments on recently:

Have you joined A Full Cup yet? Remember my post last week about the Target Coupon Generator and all the Other Resources that I love about A Full Cup. I have mentioned this resource a few times, but I wanted to pass along an email I got from Alisha the other day:

"Just wanted to say thank you for mentioning A Full Cup recently! I
joined it and am loving the resources there.

I just looked at Target's circular for next week and am excited about a great deal on Charmin TP!
24 Double Rolls (equals 48 regular rolls) will be $10
Buy 2 and you get a $5 target gift card
When I combine this with the $1 off Charmin TP coupons in the
P&G brand Saver coupon book I just got, this will equal out to be $3.25 per
24 regular rolls!!! That's a great price in my book!!!

$20 ($10 for each 24 pack of BIG rolls)
-$2 (2 $1 off Charmin
-$5 (Target Gift Card)
= $13
= $3.25/per "24 pack of

Looks like there are some other great deals too! (Pampers will
be around $6.75/jumbo pack after coupons/gift cards)"

Remember to visit the forum section of A Full Cup and get involved! The previews for next week are up for Target & Walgreens so it's a great time to visit if you haven't already!

Vista Print is another great company. I first posted about them when I ordered my Business Cards for NWA Deals. Then I posted about this great offer where you can get 100 Free Postcards I saw some of these the other day that a Friend brought to me and they looked Great! I am looking for an opportunity to order the postcards now!

Here is what some of my readers have said about Vista Print:

"Because of your post, I got 750 business cards for only the price of
shipping which was under five dollars! They look great and the site is
user-friendly. Thanks for the great info!"

"Oh you are going to love it. Mine just came in yesterday and I couldn't be more
happier!! Happy shopping to ya!" You can check out her cards Here

You can get 250 Free Business Cards or 500 Premium Business Cards for only $1.99 from Vista Print when you visit their site Here.

Also don't forget to visit Vista Print to check out their great designs on postcards. These would be perfect for Baby Announcements, Wedding Shower Invitations, Graduation Announcements or Party Invites and so much more!!!!

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