Friday, May 22, 2009

Using Survey Sites to get Free Coupons!

I have talked a lot about survey sites over the past few months, but I want to put a few pieces of a puzzle together for you. While I love getting free gift cards in the mail, I have recently found another use for survey sites. FREE COUPONS! :)

The Coupon Clippers

I use survey sites to accumulate money through PayPal, you can then use that money to purchase coupons through The Coupon Clippers. Last week I purchased 10 coupons for the Bayer Contour Meters. These will be $10.00 with a $10.00 Register Reward the first week in June. Because I used my survey money to purchase these, it was like getting the coupons for free! Each coupon will be a $10.00 money maker if I can find enough meters (This may be a problem since most of the stores are sold out), but the coupons don't expire till November, so I will have plenty of time to use them. My Coupons came in less than a week!

Some survey sites will give you the option to redeem your points for either gift cards, or money via PayPal. The site I have used recently to earn money for PayPal is Lightspeed Panel it only takes 575 points to earn $5.00 through PayPal and I daily receive emails with offers up to 150-300 points, so it doesn't take long for the money to add up. Now to be completely honest, sometimes I don't qualify for all the surveys they send me, but about 75% of the time I qualify. You can read my review of Lightspeed Panel from earlier this month here.

Daily Survey Panel is one of my new favorite survey sites. When I first signed up I was given the opportunity to take surveys totaling 470 points! 200 Points = $1.00 through PayPal and there is no minimum threshold. If you have looked into survey sites very much you know it's important to know the minimum amount it takes to get paid. Also, 2000 points (200=$1.00) will get you a $10.00 Olive Garden or Starbucks Gift Card. You can also get great gift cards such as Home Depot, Target, or Walmart.

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You can also get great Rewards for Taking Surveys through My Survey. While My Survey doesn't do PayPal that I know of, you can redeem your points for Cash, so it's almost just as good! You can cash out with My survey after 1000 points! You will also earn points just for taking the survey questions to set up your profile when you log in!

(One last opportunity I use for PayPal is You Data. Since I have talked about this recently I didn't want to go into detail again. Remember today is You Data Payment Day!)


  1. I tried signing up for a couple of these, and it seems like such a hassle! The one website just directs me to other survey taking websites and I have to re-fill in all my info. Another asked me to take surveys that don't earn points but could possibly direct more surveys my way. ERG!! Too frustrating for me.

  2. Lana,

    Did you try these 3 companies? I admit they aren't for everyone, but these are the one I use on a daily basis. I just earned 120 pts from Daily Survey Panel this morning.


  3. I didnt do the data one, just the other 2 you had listed

  4. Ok, I think the Lightspeed is probably the one that is asking you to take surveys without points. Just hang in on that one. They will send you emails about point opportunities. You don't have to take the question surveys to get invited to paying surveys. Just watch your email.

    I'm sorry you got frustrated! I try my best to only list the companies I use. there are tons out there, but it's really hard to know which ones are right for everyone!

  5. I understand that people arent going to make it easy to get this free money. : ) I wasn't trying to give you a hard time, and I apologize if thats how I came across. I know you are only looking out for your readers and we appreciate it so much! It always seems to me that when something (like free money) sounds too good to be true, in my case it almost always is! : )I'm learning that something require more patience than others and I have a hard time with that. Ask and I'll tell you all about my old Navy Weekly debacle! :)

  6. Ha ha, I am almost afraid to ask! What happened at Old Navy?

  7. Oh just those stupid coupons! Every time I would get one of the big value ones, the screen would freeze up and I'd lose it. LUCKILY it wasn't just me! : ) You should read Hip2Save's comments form last night and it'll give you an idea of how frustrating it is! Have you ever tried to snag one of them? A couple weeks ago they were atainable, not so much anymore. The best I've been able to actually get and send to myself is $10 off $50. And then there are people who get a whole bunch and sell them on ebay. This guy "Toad" (very appropriate, by the way) always has multiples of the highest value coupons. My concern is that he possible has the same coupon and is forwarding it to people. If thats the case, then someone's getting scammed cuz they each have indivual bar codes and once it's used, it's used. OR he has insider info. These coupons seriously last 10 seconds before they're gone. Which is way too fast to even figure out where they are! *sigh* So how was your day? :)